David Sackett is an artist born in Miami, Florida and currently living and working in the Charlotte, NC area. With a distinct interest in the object as a negotiation between concept and physicality, they creates work that embraces idiosyncrasy while questioning larger cultural contexts. David often collaborates with their partner Liliya Zalevskaya and both are members of the Goodyear Arts Collective. David received an AFA from Gaston College, BFA from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and  MFA from the Tyler School of Art, Temple University.

"It is within this syntax that viewers must locate these works' subjective significations... Despite the essential emptiness of Sackett’s visual signifiers, their systemization and the viewer’s affective response thereto open the door to cognition, and thereby establish a reciprocal investment of meaning for the artwork and inner posture for its viewer." - Amy Malleck
Printed items are available through Printed Matter, Inc.
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